Mobile Billboards

Telephone Kiosk Advertising

Mobile advertising allows you to target areas that may be difficult to reach using traditional billboard advertising. Mobile billboard advertising allows you to target a geographic or demographic area with absolute precision. Each mobile billboard truck offers a large 10'-5" tall x 22'-8" wide display on both sides of the truck. That's over 235 square feet of advertising space per side. This is the same size as a standard 30-sheet bleed poster used in outdoor poster showings. In fact, our trucks will accept standard 30-sheet posters or vinyl signs that fit these dimensions. Our sales representatives are available to assist you regarding the specific production requirements necessary for a mobile advertising campaign.

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High Awareness
The uniqueness of our mobile billboard trucks against the common landscape practically demands and grabs attention. Motorists and pedestrians alike are visually drawn to these exciting vehicles. And once these vehicles and their messages are noticed they tend not to be easily forgotten. Recent studies by the Transportation Advertising Council of America suggests that mobile billboard advertising has a 97% recall rate. This rate is practically unheard of with the more traditional forms of advertising. Mobile advertising offers high impact exposure and specific targeting by place, time, and event. This provides very little waste circulation and makes mobile billboard advertising a cost effective advertising medium.

Our trucks are available anytime, anywhere. They can be leased for a day, a week, a month or longer. Typically, our vehicles are leased for a 40 hour week of either 5 consecutive days of 8 hours per day or 4 consecutive days of 10 hours of daily operation. You can select the days, including weekends, and the hours of operation that you prefer. You can even select the routes by zip codes, census tracts, neighborhoods, or various other geographic or demographic criteria. Our courteous and professional drivers will navigate the vehicles through the various areas you targeted. Our trucks can even be parked at selected sites for trade shows, sales events, grand openings, concerts, festivals, political events, fundraisers, sporting events, special retail promotions and other unique events. You can even target a competitor or a competitor's customers. At the rear of each truck is a small walk-in storage area that can be used to store advertising specialties. These advertising specialties can be handed out as giveaways or promotional items.

Each truck has three 500 watt halogen lamps for brilliant illumination of your message. Illumination is provided for mornings or evenings or as time and weather dictates.

Our mobile billboard trucks can be fitted with external speakers, if requested. These speakers are strategically mounted on the vehicle to offer the most clear and crisp sound of your pre-recorded advertising message or music selection.

Rates vary greatly by number of days selected, hours per day desired and number of mobile billboards trucks needed.